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In today's rapidly changing marketplace and economy, businesses must be able to adapt and overcome short term challenges. And evolve to become more competitive, more efficient and more productive. This is achieved through technologies such as Cloud Computing, Web Based Services, Management Systems and Business Automation.

At NCS, we help businesses to adapt to changes in the marketplace and the economy through digital transformation. We achieve this through combination of Cloud Data and Computing, Web Based Services and Interactions, Integrated Management Software and Business Automation.

With 20 years of experience, we can help your business to adapt, transform and evolve in the new digital economy. We can help you to become more productive, more efficient and more competitive. We can help you to succeed.

Our Solutions

Web Design, Marketing, and Management

A website is your digital identity and often the first impression for customers. A positive image means a professional looking design, relevant updated content, and being easy to find on Google or other search engines.

More than just a brochure, a website can also provide customers with functions ranging from quote requests and live chat through to online shopping and client portals. Your website can be a virtual extension of your physical business.

From initial consultation and planning through to design, development, marketing and management, our team of designers and programmers have the experience and the expertise to help you achieve your goals and objectives.

Electronic Forms and Records

One of the biggest challenges facing every business is managing paperwork, specifically forms and records. Traditional paperwork is inefficient, labour intensive, expensive to manage, redundant and prone to human errors.

We help businesses to reduce paperwork by converting and centralizing their forms, records, documents and manuals into electronic formats that are accessible online or via smartphone and tablet. The process is fast and simple.

A centralized cloud based forms and records management system improves the flow of information within a business while reducing labour hours and costs associated with data entry, data collection, duplication and errors.

Management and Automation Software

Because every business is unique, their core management software system must be tailored to meet the specific needs and requirements of their organizational structure, workflow, operations, administrations and management.

The goal of a management and automation system is to increase efficiency and productivity, lower costs and improve management oversight across every aspect of the business including sales, operations, production, logistics, inventory, projects, human resource, safety, equipment, and more.

In order to deliver the perfect system for your business, our consultants provide hands-on, step-by-step guidance throughout the entire process from initial planning through to implementation and training.

Our Experience and Expertise

For almost 20 years, we have helped businesses to reduce costs, increase productivity and become more competitive through integrated management systems, business automation technologies, web based services and a reliable data management infrastructure.

Whether the client has 30 or 300 employees. Whether they’re in construction, trades, manufacturing, industrial services or any other industry. We have been able to help them outcompete their competitors by leveraging technology, streamlining operations and improving management oversight.

Our trained and experienced consultants will help you to transform your business to 2.0 by assessing your needs and priorities to develop a custom plan with custom solutions that suite your business. We will be there to advise, implement, train and support you every step of the way.

Our Goals and Objectives

NCS Business Solutions - Increase Efficiency

Increase Efficiency

NCS Business Solutions - Lower Costs

Lower Costs

NCS Business Solutions - Increase Productivity

Increase Productivity

NCS Business Solutions - Lower Manual Input

Lower Manual Input

NCS Business Solutions - Increase Oversight*

Increase Oversight

Business 2.0 Digital Transformation

In order for businesses to compete and succeed in the future, businesses must evolve from the traditional business model into a new business model that embraces technology, automation and the virtual environment.

Business 1.0 is a physically based business model whether its the workspace itself, the product or service, the employees, the vendors and customers, the communications, the management and administration. Everything is physical.

Business 1.5 still has all the physical elements but utilizes communication technologies such as phone, internet and mobile to connect the physical elements.

Business 2.0 attempts to transform the entire business into a cloud and internet based model with some physical elements required for production, operations, transportation, etc.

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